Saturday, May 3, 2014

WinAt9 actually pays! May 2014 Payment Proof

Just few days ago, I was browsing the Apple Appstore for Apps that makes money. So I chanced upon a few Apps and WinAt9 was one of them. It is actually an App that pays people to view ads, answer quick surveys and complete some tasks. 

After it has been downloaded, there were immediately three survey opportunities. It was just one question. I answered them immediately. Please note that you have to sign up with your PayPal email to get paid. 

I was surprised just one day later, I received an alert that there was 30 cents going into my PayPal account from WinAt9. I think this is probably the fastest paying get paid survey sites I have came across. This is just something I had to share with the earning online community. 

There are not only just quick questions to be answered, there are also other opportunities available. But U.S members do get more of such earning opportunities. Below is the payment proof for all the skeptical folks out there. WinAt9 pays! That is a fact now.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

ExpertsColumn Starts Paying Again! Payment Proof Apr 2014

It has been quite a long time since ExpertsColumn had decided not to pay anymore sometime back. It was sometime in 2013 when this happened.

Many were devastated and kept cursing all over the Internet and kept insisting that their contents are worth something. 

For those who are not aware of what was going on in Jun 13, please refer to the following link.

Well, what can I say. This was the highest paying writing site and I was quite affected when they decided to stop paying. But I moved on. 

It was sometime in 2014 when I received an email from the admin from ExpertsColumn telling us that it is paying once more after a revamp. 

Based on what I have experienced, the editorial process for submitting articles have been more stringent as compared to before. Many people tend to submit rubbish in the past. But from what I have seen now, it has improved a little. There are still not so well written articles published on the site, in my most humble opinion. I wished the editorial process can be a little more stringent. I like sites with stringent publishing criteria because those who are not really inclined in writing would be deterred from publishing there. Helium is the most classic example.

Nevertheless, I am still grateful that this site starts paying. Below is the payment proof as I promised. I know, because seeing is believing. Anyway, I have improved how the way the Watermarks look on the images. I have also progressed along the way. 

My observation on the earnings still concludes that ExpertsColumn still pay very well in terms of impressions as compared to most other writing sites. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

My Survey Payment Proof - Aug 2013

My Survey - Discover the power of your opinion.

This survey site has a really common name and therefore, I believe there are many people whom are still not a member of this paid and awesome survey opportunity website.

It works in points system like most survey sites. I am from Singapore so the site which I was directed to join was My Survey Singapore. The rewards available for me would be vouchers to leading supermarkets and departmental stores. However, my favorite option is PayPal. It is cash. 280 points is equivalent to $5 Singapore dollars or SGD. There are sub survey sites that cater to their clients' needs. 

The followings are the languages available for surveys. I also strongly believe that there are sub survey sites for people in the stated demographic positions.

I have recently cashed out $30 with $15 for each request. It was credited to my PayPal account in less than 2 weeks. It was swift and rewarding. 

It is very easy to get 280 points because each survey that you have successfully completed can easily earn you between 50 and 200 points. Sometimes, by completing two surveys will entitle you to request for your payout of $5. 

As you can see from the payment proof, this is genuine and paying. This is one survey opportunity that is not to be missed.

My Survey

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Experts Columns Final Payment - June 2013

It takes me great pain to share this post. Experts Column since May 13 had decided to stop paying writers for their work. This is largely due to the decreasing traffic which hurts the website's revenue. This has caused the site not being able to be a viable get paid to write website. 

The work which were submitted are however, remained. This is due to the fact that the delete article option has been disabled. This has caused a certain degree of uproar within the website. Soon, even the internal chat has been disabled. 

I am not blaming the owner of the site for this. In fact, I respect the decision and really hope, one day, Experts Column will revert to its paying regime. 

Always, this is the last of the payment. The minimum amount to be requested has been generously revised by the admin to $2 instead of the earlier decided $5. 

Till Experts Column pay again, there will not be another payment proof post again. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Opinion World Singapore Pay Cash Now!!

Since 27 May 13, I have gotten an email from Opinion World informing that they will be paying cash on top of their usual vouchers to reward members for providing their opinion and feedback. 

Does Opinion World Pays?

The answer is yes. They are paying cash through PayPal now. 

I would like to share a little experience about their speed of payment. On 2 Jun 2013, I decided to log onto Opinion World to take a look at their new change. I requested for payment of 2,000 points which is equivalent to $60. I was asked to log on to PayPal to grant the access. I did and the money went straight in. No waiting time, no whatsoever. Immediate payment is what I am talking about. 

This is one website that is worth your time to fill up surveys. I joined despite not being able to get cash previously because I need the fuel vouchers. Now, because there is an option to get cash, this spur me to do more of their surveys. 

I am sure many people will be appealed to this change. 

Above is the screen-shot of the payment proof which has been received immediately on 2 Jun 13. 

Not only U.S members get to earn from Opinion World now, there is Opinion World Singapore that gives Singaporean online earners the opportunities to earn by giving opinions and feedback. 

For further information and in-depth details of the site, please refer to the below link: 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Experts Column will ceased to be a get paid to write site starting Jun 2013

It is a sad moment for writers over at Experts Column as the site has announced recently that it will stop paying starting June 2013. Many writers, submitters of many articles and especially those with thousands of articles will be the one greatly affected by this decision. 

 Experts Column or "EC" has been paying promptly for the past 2 years or so. I have been sharing payment proofs with regards to EC's payment for a fair bit of time now. 

The announcement in May 2013 

"Because of decline in traffic and revenue, we are not in a position to pay you anymore. So we are taking off revenue sharing part from the site which means you won't be able to earn from your columns after May 31st, 2013. 

It's not an easy for us to make this announcement but we do not want to keep you in dark either. You guys have upto June 10, 2013 in order to request your dues from us. Anybody who has $5 or more can make a request. 

We served you whole heartily during these four years. If we ever did any mistake or behaved rudely with you, kindly apologize us. After all our aim was to bring best out of you so that you earn more and more. Though we succeeded to some extent but this dream is still left unchased. Hopefully we will accomplish this dream during our next inning of ExpertsColumn.

And thanks a lot to Sharon L. West for moderating EC for over a year even when the work load was very high. 

thanks & regards


Anyway, life goes on, so there is nothing to worry about as there are still plenty of paying to write websites out there. 

Those people who has yet to get over the sudden implementation of non-paying by MyLot, this will be a double impact. It seems to be the in-thing now in this online earning community.

For those who is unaware of what happened to MyLot, you can find out more from the article below.

MyLot do not pay anymore!

Friday, May 17, 2013

MyLot Final Payment - May 2013

MyLot pays, as usual. There is nothing to shout about because there is nothing new about MyLot paying. As long as you accumulated $10 minimum amount for payment to be made, it will be made middle of the next following month via PayPal. 

However, this time is really different. This is the final payment from MyLot. It has been re-imagined to a non paying social networking platform and is no longer a monetized get paid to post or participate site anymore. 

Many disappointed souls have left whilst there are a number oblivion souls who thinks that MyLot is still paying. The referral program is rendered gone as soon as MyLot stopped paying and you may not even hear anyone promoting or write about it again. 

I am different, my intention is to share and also to comment on things that had happened. It is like a walk down the memory lane in years to come when readers chanced upon this very post. 

This $7 over received in May 2013, is what I have made over a long period. I never went on to MyLot to make money, I was there to learn and also to subtly promote my content, honestly speaking. The results have been rather good. I do not like labor intensive online earnings, I am a believer of residual or passive income. This means that you only have to do something once and earn from it for the rest of your life, literally.

For those who wants to know what exactly happened to MyLot and why it decides to stop paying, please refer to the following article for more details.

The trade off is MyLot allows posting of links and self promoting. It is now more like a social bookmarking site than a social networking site now. 

Anyway, a once paying to post website is gone now. This serves to inform everybody that the final payment has been prompt and on time. It has not been late even once, I can assure you. 

This will probably be the last payment proof post by ARC IDEA CO but MyLot has brought us not only fun and knowledge, it also rewards many for their efforts.